Gospel Scriptures(7) Cause of Difficulties

The Fundamental Problem (Gen 3:6)

(Gn 3:6) So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.

Prayer) God, thank you for allowing us to be the witnesses of Immanuel through Christ today.


복음 성구(7) 고난의 원인

근본 문제 (3:6)

(창 3:6) 여자가 그 나무를 본즉 먹음직도 하고 보암직도 하고 지혜롭게 할 만큼 탐스럽기도 한 나무인지라 여자가 그 열매를 따먹고 자기와 함께 있는 남편에게도 주매 그도 먹은지라

기도) 오늘도 그리스도와 함께 하는 임마누엘의 증인 되게 하시니 감사합니다.

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